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  • Droga Królewska / Royal Road.

    Droga Królewska / Royal Road.

Kraków is the capital of Malopolska (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) and the former capital of the Crown of Kingdom of Poland from 1038 to 1569 and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1569 to 1596. It is picturesquely situated on the Vistula River and surrounded by hills. Founded in IX century the city had in 2015 about 760,000 inhabitants. Along with the 170,000 students the city's population will soon reach one million people. Today, Krakow is primarily:

- center of art and culture,

- center of science and education,

- touristic center of the southern region of Poland, 

- center of local and international business.

The most important tourist area of the city is the Old Town with Main Market Square (polish: Rynek Główny - the largest medieval market square in Europe), the Royal Castle on Wawel Hill and former Jewish district called Kazimierz. The historic center is filled with cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs on the one hand and the museums, galleries, theaters, cinemas and other art centers on the other hand. Kraków is also called - because of the large number of churches and temples - Rome of the North. In the city you can see traces of Polish, German, Jewish and other culture and history.

Enjoy a virtual tour through the city using webcams (links below), at the bottom of the page you will find also videos with Kraków impressions and Download tab, where you will find a variety of useful files to download like maps or guides.



I. Live webcams

  • Main Market Square, Cloth Hall - Live Webcam
  • Main Market Square seen from Bracka street (panoramic view) - Live Webcam
  • Royal Castle on Wawel Hill, Vistula river - Live Webcam
  • Royal Road, Grodzka street, Dominikański square - Live Webcam
  • Market Square in Podgorze district - Live Webcam


II. Tourist information online: www.infokrakow.pl/ , www.krakow.pl , or our Guest Guide.


III. Wikipedia about Kraków - all important informations: Link Kraków


IV. Weather forecast for Kraków (in Polish)


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